How To Use A Trail Camera For Security?



A trail camera is generally used for hunting. If you are wondering to hunt deer or catching games on your camera or watch the activity of wildlife, the trail camera is a perfect choice out there. However the trail camera is not only for hunting, but you can also use it for a variety of reasons. You might be willing the tips and steps on how to use a trail How to use a trail camera for securitycamera for security, you will not be frustrated more about that, the trail camera can be used to secure your home, keeping safe from trespassers and watching the existing record to craft the better evidence.

Also, if you want to save money, you can have a trail camera instead of a CCTV camera. However, in all aspects of CCTV camera is better than the trail camera. Having enough budget, why not CCTV cameras for security?  

In this article, I will be talking about some basic steps on how to use a trail camera for security for those who are wondering to learn from scratch. Moreover, I have included a few steps to straighten things that you wanted to know step by step. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

Step one: purchase the right trial camera

Having the trail camera to use for security is the most convenient way. However, it might be worse not to purchase the right trail camera. Because there are many cameras on the market, but choosing the right one is quite difficult. So have the better trail camera to make it happen.

There are several types of trail cameras out there and come with many configurations. Some of the trail cameras have programing options to control the camera and crucial circumstances. And most of the trail cameras take both photos and videos. Some models capture audio along with the video. Many are capable to capture the photos and videos in complete

darkness with no visible flash. Moreover, some are made with the quality of capturing the plate numbers of random vehicles in low light.

If you found yourself much confused which will be the best? Well, I’m gonna give you the right instruction. There are two categories of trail cameras that can meet your needs, and secure your home from trespassers. The first is the no glow cameras and the second is the cellular trail cameras.

Having the capability of reaching the camera and changing the sd card through an app, the no glow cameras are the perfect choice for you. On the other hand, if you want to have immediate pictures and videos in your phone or email through the trail camera, then a cellular trail camera can be considered the right option.

Step two: install the trail camera in a strategic location

Once you have the right trail camera, you need to install it in a skilled way. Make sure the place where you are going to set up the trail camera is strategic and trespassers or thieves can’t see the camera so that they can avoid the way of the camera.How to use a trail camera for security

There is most important thing installing the trail camera is you should place it on an angle, for example, the roof, near the gutters, a pole or post, or the tree in front of the house and any other location. In one word, you must place it hidden. Well, there are many tips and tricks to hide the trail camera. Here I’m going to talk about some basic tips that you can take in your mind first.

Home attachments

Intruders will be trying to figure out the alternative way instead of the obvious way of your home. Make sure you are going to place it in an attachment which is belonged to your home. For example, you can install it in the garage. Because this is not part of your home. And intruders will be tending to sort of ways like this.

Nearby Plants

There’s on the more significant way is placing it nearby trees or bushes. I think it will be more convenient than home attachments. Make sure the camera is facing directly the door or at least the driveway, and leaves are not obscuring the view of the trail camera.

Inside The Home

Most potential intruders significantly could intelligently come through the window. So, you can place it above the window or near the point of entry. Accordingly, you can place it in diverse strategic places near the window so that it can catch the main point of view.


The most striking thing is placing the trail camera on the grounds. It’s an effective way to observe the intruders. You need to place it facing towards an upward angle. However, make sure it is hidden through some stuff.

Light post

As I mentioned above, the light post is the most convenient way to place your trail camera. To hide it, you can place it near the lights of your front porch or garage. Make sure the light is placed in such a way as if the camera is hidden.

Let’s Watch a Video:


The trail camera is not fully capable to secure your home. However, using it strategically, it could give a beneficial outcome at all. The most significant thing about the trail camera that you can take in mind is to make sure it is in range. Because in no glow is hooked up to the wifi. Well, to know the range, you need to check the manual out of the box. And read the instructions and features to set it up very neatly.

I hope these basic steps are worth giving the right information and beneficial for those who were looking at how to use a trail camera for security. And ultimately my recommendation is: get the best trail camera, craft it, and rest assured securing your home.    

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