Primos Proof Cam 03 Reviews: Best Budget Cam For 2021



Hey there, welcome to todays review of Primos proof cam 03. This is a trail camera. It’s a budget friendly trail camera which packs a lot of pros. We are going to dive deep into the camera and provide you guys with everything you need to know about the camera.

Primos Proof cam 03 review


Now that we have the specifications out of the way lets jump straight into the sweet details that you guys are here for.

Picture Quality:

You can’t talk about a camera without mentioning its picture quality first. That’s why this is the first thing we are reviewing. On paper it has a 12mp camera and 1280x720p resolution. So on paper it should capture HD images. Does it? Yes it does. The day photos are crisp and clear, the night photos are also clear. As this camera has no flash or glow light so yeah the night mode photos are captured through infrared.

As the camera has no glowing flash and records with infrared sensor at night you will get black and white type images. But its not like those old black and white images your grand-parents had. They are very sharp and clearly visible. The picture trigger is incredibly fast. Where in the other hand the video triggering speed is on the slower side.

We will provide some camera sample below this para for you guys to see.

Video Quality:

1280x720p is pretty good resolution for video capturing. Where it captures pretty decent video quality it lacks behind on the trigger speed. The video quality is more than acceptable though the built-in mic isn’t the greatest. Lets just say you won’t be interfering in any deer meetings. 

Build Quality/Design:

As it’s a trail camera it had to have some good build quality for us to recommend it. Because its going to be left alone in a snowy mountain or swampy jungle or something like that for months to go by. It indeed has a strong and sturdy build to it. You can mount slate river mount or perhaps the python cable lock and fix it into the tree and call it a day. It will get mounted in to the tree without any issue at all. And for design aesthetics let’s just say it isn’t the most complicated but it works and looks good also blends well in the wild.

Battery life:

Let’s talk about one of the most if not the most Important part of the product its battery life. Let’s be real no one wants to go to a jungle and change the battery of the camera every day. That’s why the Primos proof camera 03 has an excellent battery life.

3 lithium 8AA battery packs a massive battery life. The power consumption of the camera is on resting power mode: 1.8mW, Daytime power consumption: 4.01Ws, Nighttime power consumption: 6.03Ws.

If the camera were to take continuous 24h cycle of picture for 35 days day time and 35days night time you will end having an impressive battery life of around 7months.

Detection Circuit:

Proof cam 03 has an impressive picture trigger speed of 0.20 seconds. Though image recovering is fairly average takes around 4 seconds. But the let down is the video trigger speed is nearly 3 seconds yet its processing time hovers around 4 seconds.

Viewing Angle:

While the viewing angle is identical to the rest of the trail cameras with higher prices, it still lacks around 7 degree of field of view. So you get around 35.1-34.6 degree of field of view. As the camera has little small field of view it gives a recording range of 70 feet. All though company claims 80feet you will definitely get around 70 feet.

Programming the camera:

The title might seem a little too nerdy, but no don’t worry you don’t need to program anything. Its fairly easy. You don’t even need the manual. Just slide the toggle set the time and date and call it a day. The setting is here,

Let’s Watch a Video Review:

We are almost at the end of our Primos proof cam 03 review here. Now lets move into the pros and cons.



We are almost done of this primos proof cam 03 review. Let us just give a final little thought before letting you guys go.

Final Thoughts:

For the price excellent little product with fairly low cons. We thing you wont be complaining with the product that much if you are looking for a budget trail camera without glow light. We are aware of the negative reviews in various site but you guys should also know that there is far more positive review than the negative ones. So we live the judgement to you, but we wholeheartedly recommend the product.

Thanks for reading our primos proof cam 03 review. We hope we were able to answer most of the asked questions and help you decide on a great budget friendly trail cam.

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