Moultrie A35 Reviews: Is That Camera Worth Your Money!


Hello there readers. How are you guys doing? Today we got a new review for you guys. Today we are reviewing the Moultrie A-35. We hope you enjoy our Moultrie A35 review. Let’s start with the specification first.


Moultrie A35 Review

On the paper, the unit looks solid for the price you are paying right? Let’s dive deep into it and try to find out if that’s the case or not. Let’s start with the camera quality.

Camera Quality:

Camera quality, the most important part of a camera in our humble opinion. I mean you are buying a camera hoping that it will have good picture quality right? The Moultrie A35 has a 14-megapixel camera to it. Which is pretty sharp and captures good photos both day and night.

As far as we saw you won’t get shitty 480p/360p quality images which tend to get pixelated. You will get relatively sharp and clearimages for the money you are paying.  If you decide to take a low-quality picture to save storage, for example, you will get a 1920x1080p image in 2MP. Which is pretty good for low resolution. But if you decide to crank it up to high using whole 14MP you will get sharp 4992x2808p images.

Remember they will be bigger in size than the low resolution so you better pick a good massive size SD card if you tend to take pictures in high. For further clarification, we will provide sample images that can you expect from it

Build Quality:

A great build quality for a trail camera is a must. You are going to live that in a jungle for months probably so it must have a great build quality to survive the wild. And Moultrie A-35 does have a good build quality. It was priced heavily at the beginning when it first came in the market because of its good build quality and good resolution camera.

The weatherproof exterior might be made of plastic but don’t let that fool you. Unless you planning on placing it under a running stampede you should be fine for a long period of time.

Video Resolution:

The Moultrie A-35 can provide a 720p video with real-time sound up to 15 seconds. But don’t expect the best quality in sound. You get moderate quality won’t say decent could have done better for the initial price. But with the current price it’s more than worth it.


The camera can record up to 85 feet flash range. The 32 IR LED low glowing light also makes sure you get the same range at night too. So rest assured it has some pretty good range.

Battery Life:

The battery life is pretty important for a trail camera. If you don’t get a good battery life out of your camera that means you have to go often in a place you set up the camera and change batteries.

The Moultrie A-35 uses 8AA batteries. You can get around 17000 images with that battery. So that’s pretty good battery backup in our opinion. A lot of amazon users agree with us too, the battery life is impressive you don’t have to worry about that.


Another important aspect of a camera the triggering speed and IR/Flash’s. the Moultrie A-35 uses 32 IR LEDs to see at the night. It has an impressive 0.7sec triggering speed to capture photos. That means you aren’t missing anything. It sees something it captures it. It also has multi capture mode, which can be set manually to take multiple pictures after the initial trigger response.

The camera also supports Moultrie’s wireless mobile technology. If you connect it with Moultrie mobile field modem which you need to buy separately and you can be tension free what your camera recording or not. The maximum memory size the camera can hold is 32gb. So use your space wisely if you plan to take all high-resolution pictures.

So we are almost at the end of our Moultrie A35 Review before we end it lets see the pros and cons and give our final thoughts.

Let’s See This Video of Moultrie A35

Things We Like

Things We Dislike

Final Thoughts:

Should you consider it? Absolutely you should. It’s a great trail camera for under 100$. Often goes on sale won’t break your bank. What more do you need for a budget trail camera?

With that said we are done reviewing the Moultrie A35. If you stick to the end we thank you. We end our Moultrie A35 review here. Hope you guys are doing great bye.

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