How To Repair Rubber Hunting Boots?

How To Repair Rubber Hunting Boots

After using it for a long time, any pair of boots might need some repair. Rubber hunting boots aren’t immune from this fact either. 

There aren’t many good guides about repairing rubber hunting boots. You will find many restoration videos of old leather boots. We are here to fill in that empty void. I hope this guide will give you more in-depth knowledge about how to repair rubber hunting boots.

                 If you take some time to learn everything, it won’t be as hard as you might think.

Fixing Cracks Or Splits In Rubber Boots

Finding cracks on a rubber hunting boot is the most common problem. Here is how you can fix this problem easily.

  • Clean the exterior of the boot with soap waters. 
  • Dry them off with a clean cloth, don’t use air dryers.
  • Find out the holes or cracks that need fixing. 
  • Use paint tape around the crack. Don’t cover up the crack, cover everything beside it. 
  • Use sandpaper and sand the area that needs fixing. Don’t be too harsh on the boots. 
  • Don’t forget to wear rubber gloves before working with the glue. 
  • Place a piece of paper on the inside of the boot. This will prevent the boot from getting stuck with the interior. 
  • Place the glue on an aluminum foil and take out a paintbrush.
  • Go all Picasso on the boot. Paint the crack with glue. 
  • Take the tapes off from the boot and let the boot dry naturally. Emphasize the word naturally, don’t use any dryers or don’t put it under direct sunlight. 

Pro-tip, instead of painting only on the crack, expand the paint around the crack. It will improve the bond. 

Repairing Rubber Boots On The Go

  • Clean the boot with fresh water. 
  • Wipe off the water and remove any dirt from the crack. 
  • Use a paper on the inside of the boot and apply the glue directly onto the crack.
  • As you are on the go, you don’t have enough time to naturally dry the boot. That’s why use a patch directly on top of the glue. 
  • Move your fingers over the page fanatically. 
  • Let the patch dry for 10 minutes.

You are good to go back on your tracks. 

Rubber Boots Sole Repairing

Now we are arriving at the hard part. Repairing the sole of any boot is quite hard. That’s why most of us tend to leave it on the professionals. But, that’s not why we are here. We are here to experience this ourselves. 

For this part, we need to dive in a bit deeper.

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