Top 10 Best Rubber Hunting Boots Reviews & Guides in 2021

Best Rubber Hunting Boots Reviews

Rubber boots are often the first choice in winter hunting. They are longer & provide more protection than regular hunting boots. Most of the time the build quality on these is better than other boots. 

But there are tons of rubber hunting boots out in the market. Choosing the best rubber hunting boots is a hard task. We are here to help you with that task. While buying new boots, you need to make sure of somethings. 

The build material, in our case all of the shoes today will be made of rubber. The comfort, if the fit isn’t comfortable you can’ wear it for a long session. 

The sole, you will find rubber sole, synthetic sole, and many other types of soles. Find out what type of sole your desired shoes have. Research about that, whether the sole is perfect for your endeavors.

10 Best Rubber Hunting Boots Reviewed In 2021

1. Muck Boot Arctic Pro Snow Boot

Muck Boots Men’s Arctic Pro is made out of Neoprene. A synthetic rubber that you often find in medical equipment and sport wears. Neoprene is good for comfort and it remains in the same shit after molding it. 

The comfort of this pair of boot is top quality. You are paying a good amount of money for them and Muck Boot is returning the value. Even in -60 degrees Celcius, your feet won’t feel the cold. 

This pair of boot is excellent for hunting in ice. 

The 8mm Neoprene rubber keeps your feet warm for days. There is also a 2mm thermal foam layer on the inside of the boots.

The synthetic material and the manmade boot sole makes it a great product. The outsole is made out of high abrasion rubber. It will support you for many seasons. 

The flexibility of this boot is great. You won’t be able to enjoy a pair of boots if the flex is too stiff. Especially, for boots this long. You don’t have to worry, as the material is synthetic rubber there is plenty of flex involved in the boots. 

It’s durable, easy to use, flexible, comfortable, and priced nicely.

The only downside I have heard from users is, the sole tends to wear out quicker than a lot of other rubber hunting boots. 

2. Muck Boot Arctic Pro Hunting Boot

What is the main difference between this and the Arctic Pro snow boots? The main difference is the appearance. This one has a plain appearance where the Arctic Pro snow has an oak camo finish. 

The material is synthetic like the other one. I don’t know what went through Muck Boot’s head while they made these, the pricing has quite a difference in between them.

Like the other one, this also has 8mm of synthetic rubber and 2mm of thermal foaming. Comfort and warmth are not a concern when you are wearing these boots.

Another great thing about them is, you can use them for fishing or any outdoor activities that require stepping in mud or shallow water. That means yes, you can use them in the rice field.

But we are talking about hunting, if you are hunting small animals that tend to bite in the legs if you get too close, this boot got you covered. 

The sole of this one is also made out of rubber. They provide plenty of traction and grip on any surface. This pair of boots also suffer from the same sole problem. They wear out quite quickly. By quickly I meant in less than a year. It’s a good thing that Muck Boot provides a limited warranty.

3. LaCrosse Alphaburly Pro 800G Hunting Boot

Another great pair of rubber boots made of Neoprene. It’s imported materials and the soles are made out of synthetic rubber. There is 6 colors option that you can choose from. The length of the shaft is approx 18″ from the arch. The arch support is also good in these boots. 

As the material is a synthetic material the comfort is on par with top-end hunting boots.

800G Thinsulate insulation makes the boot, even more, warmer in cold days. This is an excellent pair of boots if you hunt in shallow water. That means it is also good for anglers that are into fly fishing. 

There are multiple layers of rubber around the toe and the heel area for comfort. To make sure you get the most comfortable experience, there is also a double-layer vamp of added support to aid the durability. 

The flexibility of the shoe is quite good. I didn’t have any issue inserting my feet and taking it out.

Unlike many other boots, LaCrosse Alphaburly Pro has a great rubber sole. It provides plenty of traction and durability. It won’t wear out that easily.

4. Muck Woody Max Rubber Insulated Hunting Boot

The mossy oak finish on Muck Boot Woody Max is a looker, to say the least.

It’s one of the most beautiful rubber hunting boots that you will come across. Unfortunately, there aren’t many matte black rubber boots in the market. 

Honestly, though, a pair of boots with camo will be better for hunting in the woods.

The 5mm neoprene body provides great comfort and flexibility. You won’t be feeling any cold from water anytime soon. 

Neoprene is a flexible and durable material. That’s why even medical equipment uses neoprene. The material is also good at absorbing heat and pressure. 

The rubber sole is quite thick and provides a good amount of friction. It’s a good choice for slippery places. That’s why this pair of hunting boots are also great for anglers and anyone that works in shallow water. 

5. LaCrosse Alphaburly Pro 400G Hunting Boot

The main difference between this and the other version of Alphaburly on the list already is insulation. While the previous Alphaburly uses an 800G Thinsulate insulation. This version of the boots uses 400G Thinsulate insulation.

If you are someone that sleeps with socks on, then your better option is to go for boots with good insulation. LaCrosse Alphaburly is one of those boots that provides a great amount of insulation. 

The 400G Thinsulation is not thick by any means. 400G also has the same durable toe and heel protection. On top of that the same great allrounder rubber sole. 

The one thing that is lacking is the colors. There is only one option to choose from.

But this one is considerably cheaper than the 800G. Yes, because of the insulation difference. Honestly, if you don’t wear the two at and feel it for yourself. You won’t be able to tell the difference between the two insulation. The insulation will make the difference in cold weather. 

6. HUNTSHIELD Men’s Neoprene Muck Boot

Neoprene is the most used material in rubber hunting boots. The reason is, neoprene stays warm for a long period, easy to mold, durable. Huntshield’s Muck Boot is also made of neoprene. 

But this pair of boot is not that thick. The neoprene layer is only 4mm. If you are considering them as snow hunting boots. Then my suggestion is don’t. Go for boots with thicker material and insulation. 

The boots are 100% waterproof. They are great for hunting and fishing. Like every other boot on the list, Huntshield provides great flexibility as well. 

I really like the Realtree Xtra camo skin on top of the boots. it gives you a hunter like feeling if you know what I mean.

The rubber sole is excellent for any kind of slippery surface. Even if you don’t hunt you can take this pair for any of the water-related tasks. The price of this boot is so attractive, it’s easy to suggest this one to anyone.

7. LaCrosse Burly Classic Hunting Boot

Now we are entering the budget range. All of the boots from now on will have some of the best pricing that you can get. As we are hitting the budget-range, the materials won’t be as high quality as the top-end boots.

It’s not synthetic or neoprene rubber. But LaCrosse Burly classic is made out of 100% rubber materials. 

The hand-laid premium ZXT rubber is a good material for the boots. It gives a premium feel while being on the cheaper side. The material is not as thick as neoprene. But it is thick enough to be waterproof and preventing your feet from freezing. 

The midsole is felt with 9mm wool. It also includes polymeric foam insulation for extra warmth. If you wear socks always, then you are going to have a good time.

The sole does not look like it provides that much friction. But in real-life usage, the friction is more than enough to even walk at slippery rocks. 

You can guess the rest. The pricing of this boot makes it desirable and easily buyable. It’s a great pair of hunting boots for beginners or casual hunters.

8. TideWe Rubber Neoprene Boot

TideWe rubber neoprene boots are unisex. Both males and females can wear them. Most of the boots so far on the list are mainly made for men. But I feel like they will be comfortable for women with the same shoe size as well. 

The 6mm thick neoprene rubber will protect you from any cold and warm water. You won’t even feel like you are in the water. As the material is quite thick and strong, you can also wear the boots in the icy area. 

You can choose from two colors. Brown or black, you already know which color we went for. 

Heat-resistant insulation will prevent body temperature from dropping. You can wear it with comfort till -20 degrees Celcius. 

The material is 100% waterproof and CR Flex-Foam absorbs impact when you walk. It also retains heat and flexes with your feet.

Making the experience as comfortable as it can get. The rubber sole adds further enhancement to the experience. It’s sturdy and provides good friction. The soles didn’t seem like they will wear out anytime soon. 

For $70, you can’t get better trust me. It’s one of the best budget hunting rubber boots in the market.

9. Rocky Core Neoprene 1000g Insulated Boot

Rocky Core is one of the cheapest pairs of hunting boots on the market to feature Neoprene synthetic rubber and 1000g Thinsulate insulation.  

That sentence alone should be enough to make you purchase this pair of boots. They are not pricy, they are comfortable, and the build quality is excellent. 

You might notice that 1000g Thinsulate is not a common thing among the boots. It’s usually 400G, 600G, 800G, 1200G, and higher. But 1000g is an exception, it is used in the boots that are made to withstand the worst cold out there. To all the hunters that are having problems regarding snow or harsh winter. This is the perfect solution for you.

The boots are comfortable to wear. Easy to enter and exit. The padding inside wasn’t too uncomfortable either. There are enough paddings on both heel and toe. The rubber sole is also quite grippy. The boots are quite long, that’s why perfect for a snowy day or a day in the swamp.

This pair of hunting boots won’t even break the bank. I can recommend this to anyone on a budget.

10. Hisea Work Neoprene Rubber Rain Boots

This pair of boot is the cheapest pair of hunting boots on our list today. Frankly speaking, if you are looking for an excellent quality of boots then you shouldn’t get them.

Don’t get me wrong, Hisea work boots aren’t terrible. They are made of Neoprene which is a synthetic rubber. The same material is also used on high-end boots. But the difference here being is the thickness. The Hisea Men’s work boots are quite thick, coming at 5mm. But there is not Thinsulate insulation or thermal foam padding. 

The material is not that thick. As it wasn’t made for snowy day use. If you hunt in -degree Celsius, then you shouldn’t take them. They are waterproof, but they are definitely not -20 degrees Celcius proof. 

The four-way stretching nylon and H-air mesh lining together makes it a wonderful pair of boots. This boot has done a lot of things right for being a $50 pair of hunting boots. 

Honestly, if I start saying the negatives of this it would sound nitpicking. If you don’t walk on a harsh path and there aren’t any sharp rocks around. They will do excellent. 

They are good budget boots, that’s all I am gonna say.


That concludes our best rubber hunting boot reviews. We hope you enjoyed the read. If you liked any of the boots mentioned, don’t forget to check the included link to know the latest price. They often go on sale and also go out of stock quite quickly. Grab them while they are hot.

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