Top 10 Best Mountain Hunting Boots That You Can Buy In 2021

Best Mountain Hunting Boots

Over the years mountain hunting has gained more and more popularity. It’s both a hiking and hunting experience at the same time. You add camping on top of that, you get some of the best outdoor experience possible.

Mountains are wild, you don’t know what their surface is holding for you. They are not even, you can easily crack your ankle from them. That’s why you need a good pair of mountain boots for you.

Most hunting boot manufacturers make mountain hunting boots nowadays. That’s why today I am going to help you find the best mountain hunting boots on the market.

Relax, and enjoy the read.

1. Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX Boots

The 4D in the name implies the 4 layer chassis of the boot. For more comfort to climb mountains the Salomon Quest GTX boot features 4D stability. 

4 layers on top of each other give some of the best comfort possible. To strength their comfort more Salomon added dynamic cushioning. 

Contagrip technology is one of the most versatile, grip technology on the market. It’s suitable for running, hunting, hiking, casual walking. Everything that you may want to do you can do with this pair of boots. On top of that Salomon uses some of the lightest material on the market. Their boots barely touch 22 ounces. 

They are not tall like other hunting boots, that’s why they are suitable for both regular uses and mountain hunting. They are hunting boots, of course, they have waterproofing. Salomon uses Gore-Tex material to waterproof their boots.

Minimalistic, well-built, affordable, multi-purpose that’s everything that you can find in a pair of mountain hunting boots. No doubt it’s one of the best pairs in the market.

2. Danner Mountain 600 Boot

Danner Mountain 600 is another pair of mountain hunting boots that look excellent. You can choose from whooping 15 designs! You didn’t hear it wrong, 15!

All of the shoes are waterproof and made of 100% grain leather. Grain leather is some of the best quality of leather for shoes. The Mountain 600 looks a lot like sneakers. You can choose a different color to wear them everywhere. 

They are washable and 100% waterproof. The ortholite footbed is removable. 3 layers of comfortable cushioning, each layer is denser than the other one. 

The midsole of this boot is from EVA. We all know EVA rubber soles are some of the best we ever saw. It’s comfortable and durable. Will last you for a long time. 

The Vibram Fuga outsole provides extreme traction on any kind of surface. It’s good for mountain hunting and other hiking trips. They are quite cheap and beautiful, Danner Mountain 600 has my full recommendation.

3. Salomon Forces X ALP GTX Tactical Mountain Boots

Salomon Forces X ALP GTX comes in two colors brown and black. Made out of 100% imported leather. This version of the GTX is on the pricier end. 

The leather is called nubuck leather. They are 100% full of grain imported leather. Rest assured you won’t face any color fading issues any time soon.

Contagrip is one of the best grip available for boot soles. On a flat surface, they grip quite harder and don’t slip. For uneven terrain, the grip has siped lungs to aid with friction. 

Instead of 4D design this time they went for 3D design. 3D design involves 3 layers of comfortable and dense cushioning. 

As they are made for hunting and hiking, the boots are 100% waterproof. They are not too long, you can easily rock them as a daily sneaker.

Whether you are at mounting hunting, trailing, hiking, or just want a solid pair of boots as daily drivers you will love these boots. They are not crazy expensive. They are a bit expensive but considering their multi-purpose capabilities. I can let go of that price.

4. Lowa Renegade GTX Mid Boot

Lowa Renegade GTX is a mid-height boot. It’s also a multipurpose boot. You can choose from 13 different designs and of course, there are versions for the ladies too. Choose the version you like the most. Because all of them share the same build materials. 

The Renegade features one of the most used Vibram outsoles. Vibram outsole helps reducing ankle pain and aids you to wear them for a longer period. You can’t take off your shoes every once in a while when you go hunting. That’s why the outsoles job is to help you feel comfortable. 

A rugged Vibram outsole is thick and built like a tank. The rubber legs of the sole will help you grip at any surface. The shoe is made for gender-specific. Bot men’s and women’s will last over a year or more than that. 

For regular use they are comfortable, to say the least. They look sharp and will complement any black jeans you have. 

The boot also features a climate-control footbed. This special footbed design allows the boot to breathe better. If the boot breathes better, the feet inside don’t sweat much. That’s why your fatigue will stay in check.

For waterproofing Lowa uses Gore-Tex. It’s one of the if not the best material for waterproofing boots in the market.

The Derby-style lacing is an excellent choice for mountain boots. You won’t have a random slip-up. For the price, I will say they are quite an excellent pair of boots.

5. Kenetrek Mountain Extreme 400 Insulated Boot

Kenetrek Mountain Extreme was featured in our best elk hunting boots review.

Made out of 2.8mm

 full-grain leather, Kenetrek Mountain Extreme 400 is a looker, to say the least. Comes in only one color, brown with a grey accent. 

The boot looks good. Quite good for the money. The boot is also not like the other pair of boots that we featured so far. This one has a long neck instead of the short sneaker type neck. This makes this a more viable option for places with shallow water pots.

The boot also features 400 grams of Thinsulate insulation. It’s made to withstand bad weather. You can easily take this into the snow and not feel anything. 

If you choose a super high mountain to climb and hunt, you might consider the Kenetrek Mountain Extreme 400 as your next hunting buddy.

6. Rocky Red Mountain Back Zip Snake Boot

Rocky Red Mountain is the first long-neck pair of mountain hunting boots on our list. They are made of synthetic rubber and leather. Rocky choose a long neck design to make the boots snake proof. 

That’s right, they are thick enough to prevent and snake bites from going through. The whole 16 inches of the boot features snake protection technology.

In the mountains, you don’t know what’s waiting for you. That’s why they are a good choice as primary mountain hunting boots. Especially if you go through a jungle to reach your destination.

They can fend off bites from small animals as well. Rocky uses Realtree EDGE High Abrasion Snake Guard to make this pair of boot snake proof. This is the lightest snake-proof guard available on the market. 

The mixture of leather and synthetic rubber works quite well. On top of that, the Realtree-Xtra camo makes the boot look super good. 

The midsole is the famous EVA rubber midsole. One of the most comfortable midsoles you will ever lay your foot on. The rubber outer sole is perfect for slippery mountain rocks and shallow water. 

In a lot of terms, this is one of the best mountain hunting boots you can buy. If hunting is your main priority and you hunt in a snake zone, then just buy them already. You don’t need to scroll further.

7. Mountain Warehouse Boulder Boots

Mountain Warehouse Boulder Boots is another excellent pair of mountain hunting and hiking boots. This pair only comes in black and I have no complaints regarding that. 

The sole of the boot is made out of rubber to provide great traction in slippery places.

Rubber soles grip better than synthetic soles when it comes to slippery rocks and uneven terrain mountains. The sneaker type boots are not that long like the previous one we shared.

That’s why it’s not recommended to wear them in knee-height water. IsoTherm technology keeps your leg warm and the cold way. The IsoDry technology helps the boot to breathe and breathe out the smell from inside. 

The insulation makes it a good choice for the cold area. The boots are also waterproof, but you soak them from top to bottom, of course, the water will go through.

Phylon cushioning is quite solid. Not as comfortable as the EVA ones, but they are good on their own terms. Also, you can’t forget that this pair is less than 80$! What’s stopping you from getting this puppy?

8. Danner Women's 30800 Mountain Gore-TexBoot

Danner 30800 mountain boot is for the ladies. We didn’t forget about you lovely ladies. The boot is made out of full-grain leather. They are low-profile sneaker type mountain boots. You can rock them as your daily commute too. The botos are also made in the USA. 

The boot comes in two colors. Black and brown, both version is made out of one piece full-grain leather. 

The outer sole is Vibram Kletterlift sole. It’s durable, provides excellent traction, lightweight. The length of the boot from the arch is only 5.5″. 

For waterproofing, the boot uses Gore-Tex material. That makes the boot 100% waterproof. 

Danner is known to make some of the best arch supports in their boots. It’s a great pick for the ladies. They are not that expensive either. I can easily recommend this to anyone.

9.Thorogood Mountain Ridge 200G Boot

Thorogood mountain ridge 200g is another low profile mounting hunting boots. Coming at exactly $200, the boot is made out of Maxi Brown 863-4069 Leather. 

The material is imported. The sole of this boot is made out of leather. This is not a gender-specific boot. Both the gents and ladies can wear this if they want. 

The footbed material is dual-density polyurethane. Not gonna lie, they are not as comfortable as the EVA rubber midsoles. But they are quite comfortable. 

The shaft is approx 10″ long from the arch. Speaking of the arch, the arch support on the boot is also quite good. I wasn’t expecting this good for the price. 

The boot uses 200 grams of Thinsulate insulation. The winter is near, they will keep your legs warm for days. The breathability is also quite good, that’s why there won’t be much smell inside the boots.

The waterproofing is also quite good. It’s rainproof and waterproof. As the shaft of the boot is quite long, you don’t have to worry while crossing small rivers or plotholes. 

10. Scarpa Fuego Mountaineering Boot

The last boot on today’s list is from Scarpa. Scarpa Fuego Mountain boot is also the most expensive pair of mountain hunting boot on today’s list.

Depending on the size, this pair of boots will cost you over $600! Why this high price tag?

-The full-grain 100% leather is quite high quality and one of the best without any doubt. The finish of the boot is also quite unique and nice looking. We talked about how Vibram sole is quite good for uneven mountains already. 

To protect your upper leg more, the boot features a Gusseted tongue. There isn’t any official information regarding snake proofing, but I think they will hold decent against small animal bites. The leather is quite thick after all. 

The heal is 1.5inches wide. You have one for every size. If you have a budget for days, take this pair. Or you can take any other one for low prices and call it a day.


That wraps our hunting session for today. If you want more reviews like the best mountain hunting boots, make sure to bookmark us and check back daily.

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