Best Lightweight Hunting Boots Reviewed in 2021 By Expert

Best Lightweight Hunting Boots

Weight is an important aspect of a boot. If the weight of the boot is too much for you. You won’t have a good time wearing them. 


A lot of hunting boots can be quite heavy. Most of them are for harsh weather. A lot of all-season hunting boots are also available on the market. 


But finding the best lightweight hunting boots can be a bit of an oddjob. You are looking for a pair of boots that will be great for hunting, at the same time lightweight like your daily sneakers.


Don’t worry, you don’t have to search any further. You have arrived at your destination. It’s time to sit down, relax, and enjoy the show. 


Top 10 Best Lightweight Hunting Boots Reviews

1. Danner Men's High Ground 8 Realtree X 1000G-M

Danner High Ground 8 is the first lightweight hunting boot on today’s list.If you have seen the picture, you already know they are upland hunting boots.


Most of the upland hunting boots tend to be lightweight. Their weight distribution and material choices are different than long boots.High Ground 8 is made out of 100% leather and nylon liners. 


What’s surprising to me, Danner went for synthetic sole instead of a rubber sole. Rubber soles are usually the first choice for hunting boots. 


I am not saying they are bad. But in theory, they should be. Danner was planning to prove that theory wrong perhaps. The sole design and grip were quite good. You won’t fall flat on the ground while wearing them. 


High Ground 8 features a 1000 grams Thinsulate insulation. Thanks to this, you can take the boots to even the north pole. As for the weight, a size 13 boot weighs less than 2 pounds. 


Danner did an amazing job with these boots. The upper portion of the boot uses Oiled Nubuck material. Realtree X camo was a good choice for this boot. Plays along with the whole aesthetic. 


They are a bit expensive than regular hunting boots. But in return, Danner is giving you quality. That’s an exchange I will take any day.


2. Kenetrek Mountain Extreme Non-Insulated Hiking Boot

Kenetrek Mountain Extreme is the most expensive boot on today’s list. They are designed like upland hunting boots. But the height is a bit longer than regular upland boots.

 From the arch, the shaft’s height is 10″. It’s more than enough to cover your ankles and other important parts. 

As they are non-insulated boots you shouldn’t buy them if hunting on the snow is your main target. They can withstand cold and water, but not ready for sub-zero weather.

Kenetrek used 2.8mm thick full-grain leather on these boots. Thanks to that, it can keep away the surface-level cold. 

There is a reason why they are so expensive. You are paying for the craftsmanship. Each pair of boot is handmade in Italy. You and I both know how much a piece of art costs.

If you consider the craftmanship, the price doesn’t seem high anymore. Most importantly, Kenetrek paid super attention to details and made sure these boots stay lightweight. 

Kenetrek uses the Windtrex membrane to make their boots waterproof. 

This pair of boots were designed for hunters. Kenetrek is committed to making better boots for over a decade now. They made sure, the longtime wearing comfort is great and relaxing. 

If the price tag didn’t scare you away already, you can go for them without hesitation. 

3. LaCrosse Men’s AeroHead Hunting Boot

LaCrosse is a well-known rubber hunting boots manufacturer. Most of the rubber boots are made for heavy-duty. That’s why even construction site workers use them. 


LaCrosse made sure their rubber hunting boots are lighter than all the competition on the market. AeroHead is made of 50% rubber and 50% nylon. The bottom half and the toe cap are made out of durable rubber. 


The boot is available in two color finishes. One is a brown camo and the other one is in Realtree X camo. At the back of the boot, you get a belt, using that you can tighten the boot around your calves. 


The outsole is made out of rubber. The midsole is made out of polyurethane. It’s comfortable and won’t wear out easily. 


For a rubber hunting boot, it’s not super expensive either. If you want a pair of lightweight rubber hunting boots. Just click on the link and buy them. You won’t regret the decision. 


4. XPETI Thermator Mid-Rise Hiking Trekking Boots

Xpeti Thermator is another excellent pair of upland hunting boots. They are not expensive at all.Coming at below $80, they are the first choice for many beginner hunters. 


The height of this boot makes it a perfect choice as a daily use boot. From the arch, it’s 8″ long. The color choice is also on point from Xpeti. 


The upper portion of the body is made out of a waterproof Hydroshield membrane. Not Gore-Tex. I can understand why they didn’t pick Gore-Tex.


The midsole of this boot is made out of EVA foam. The most comfortable midsole in my opinion. 


I love the outsole texture on this boot. The sole is made out of rubber. On top of the rubber, you get some small rubber toe caps. 


Those caps prevent water or any dirt from getting stuck. It makes it so easy to clean. 

Due to this pattern, the friction of this boot is also high. 


They are designed for outdoor activities. As long as you are not using them to play football, you are good to go. 


For hiking and hunting, this pair will come in super handy. Or should I say, super leggy? Nah, that doesn’t rhyme. Anyway moving on. 



This pair of boots from Muck Boot is not made out of rubber or leather.They went for CR flex-foam. 


CR flex-foam is not a bad material for boots. Muck Boot uses imported material for its construction. Right off the bat, the moss finish is unique. I don’t see many boots with this texture. 


The boot is 100% waterproof. Flex-foam is 5mm thick. It will give you a comfortable experience in cold water. The bottom of the boot is made out of rubber.


The outsole is uniquely designed. They call it self cleaning outsole. Muds won’t stick underneath it for a long time. 


That’s good, while on a trip you don’t have enough time to sit down every mile and clean the sole of the boot. 


CR flex-foam is a lightweight material. Alongside the nylon stitches, this boot is lightweight, to say the least. 

The pricing on this boot is on point too. Coming at just under $100, this hits the sweet spot for many hunters and hikers. 

6. Under Armour Men's Slingwrap Phase Hiking Boo

That’s a unique name. But effective I guess? Cause, you do wear boots under armors. Back to the topic, Slingwrap is made out of 100% full-grain leather. Slignwrap is also an upland design hunting boots. 


The height of this boot is not too long. Just enough to make them your daily driver. Available in two colors, both colors look awesome. Choose whichever you think will suit you the most. 


Under Armour does not produce the leathers on their own. The whole material is imported from other countries, such as Canada. 


The arch support and the nubuck upper is completely waterproof. You can submerge them. But if water goes from the top, don’t come running to me. 


The breathable fiber is also an excellent addition. UA Scent control is their take of ScentBan technology. Have to admit, they did a good job recreating that. 


They are not that expensive either. I can easily recommend them as your daily boot, hunting boot, or even hiking boot.

7. LaCrosse Men's Alphaburly Pro 18" Hunting Boot

This is the second pair of boot from LaCrosse on today’s list. This pair of boot is also made out of imported rubber. Alphaburly uses neoprene. Neoprene is an excellent choice of material. They are used in various sorts of medical equipment. 


It’s durable, flexible, lightweight. Everything you want in a pair of hunting boots. Alphaburly is a long boy. From the arch, its height is 18″. Depending on the height of your leg, it should cover till your knees, or just right underneath the knee cap.


The active fit design was the best possible choice from LaCrosse. There is a belt on the backside of the boot at the top. Use that to tighten the upper side of the boot.


This way, the boot won’t squeak or move while you walk.You can choose from 5 different colors and finishes. The rubber sole has a nice pattern to it.It’s not completely self-clean. You can easily clean it with a water hose. 


The pricing is also on point. You will get an incredible after-sales experience from LaCrosse. 


8. Northside Men's Crossite Hiking Boot

Crossite is an upland hunting boot from Northside. No the wildlings from the north didn’t make this boot. The tan camo version of this boot is an excellent looking boot. 

Instead of rubber or leather. Northside went for 100% nylon-based construction. The material is imported. OVC shell toe cap is quite hard and sturdy. It will save your toes from any kind of accident. 


The insole is removable. You can replace it with your preferred one. The included one is quite good. You can wear it out till it dies on you. 


The outsole is made out of rubber. The pattern and cravings on the bottom of the boot look quite good. The cravings aren’t that dip, just enough to grab a good amount of friction. It’s also easy to clean. 


Northside also used 200g Thinsulate insulation. It’s enough to withstand a bit of nasty cold. Will also keep your feet warm and dry. This pair of boot is good enough to be remembered by the north.


9. Irish Setter 2870 Vaprtrek Hunting Boot

This list would feel incomplete without featuring Irish Setter boots. Irish Setter makes some of the best lightweight hunting boots on the market. All of their boots are upland hunting boots.


We have featured quite a few of them here. That’s why I was confused about which Irish Setter to use here.Vaprtrek meets the criteria quite well. It’s not the most expensive offering from them. 


The look of this boot is awesome. You can see their craftsmanship on the outside of the boot. If you look at the side of the outsole, those patterns aren’t something that you see in every pair of boots. 


Irish Setter uses 100% full-grain imported leather on their boots. Like always, the outsole is made out of rubber. Rubber outsoles are the most common thing in a pair of hunting boots. 


If you prefer the wide fit over regular fits. You have that option here too. You won’t miss out on RPM technology from Irish Setter if you buy this one. Even ScentBan and UltrDry are also available. 


These features make Iris Setter unique from the rest of the upland hunting boots manufacturers.


10. Lowa Men's Tibet GTX Trekking Boot

Tibet GTX is the last boot on today’s best lightweight hunting boots list. If you buy a pair of this boot, pack it up and gift it to someone by saying they are sneakers. No one going to catch you. They look exactly similar to regular height sneakers. 


Lowa uses 100% Nubuck leather. Nubuck is a high-grain leather and quite expensive. You should be able to guess, this time the last boot on today’s list is not the least expensive one. It’s one of the most expensive ones.


The lace clips are on top of the boots. There are no holes for laces on the boot. That’s why no water will pass through them. Lowa even used Gore-Tex lining to make the boot 100% waterproof. 


To prevent moisture from getting inside Lowa used perforated lining. C4 anatomically contoured tongue will give your toes the best comfort possible. 


The outsole is not made out of rubber. Rather Lowa decided to go for the synthetic sole. Both of the expensive boots on today’s list used synthetic sole on their boots.


Don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate synthetic soles. The soles here are quite good quality. I am sure they won’t wear out anytime soon.


Overall, it’s one of the best lightweight hunting boots without any doubt. The $330 price tag is 100% justified. 



That was the last boot on our list. See, didn’t I say your search ends here. These are without a doubt some of the best hunting boots on the market. It’s a bonus that all of them are lightweight too. If you have any questions left, you know where to type them. Till I see you again, we part ways here. 

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