Top 10 Best Hunting Headlamp Reviewed in 2021 [Review Guide]

Best Hunting Headlamp

If you hunt during the night a lot, headlamps are a necessity for you. Besides hunting, headlamps are useful for fishing, dental work, mining, etc.

You can’t use a hunting headlamp for dental work. I know that it was an example of the broad use of headlamps. Today we are going to talk about headlamps a lot.

As a beginner, finding the best hunting headlamp for you is necessary. There are tons of bad headlamps available on the market. You don’t need to look at those. Stick to the end, you will get your desired answer.Without further ado, let’s jump right into it. 

1. Black Diamond Storm Headlamp

The first headlamp on today’s list is from Black Diamond. Storm headlamp is a 350 lumen RGB headlamp with night vision mode.Take it easy, that was a lot to take in at once. 

The size of Black Diamond Storm is not that big. Incredibly, this tiny light can illuminate up to 350 lumens. Not only that, but you are also getting 8 different intensity modes on a single light. You don’t need to change the bulb or anything.

There is one dedicated night mode option available on the light as well. 350 lumen is not long-range, it’s enough to clear the path in front of you and guide you in the right direction. 

The weight of Storm including the belt is 110grams. That’s quite lightweight. Just a bit heavier than a regular cap. The storm is also IP67 rated. Making it water and fogproof. 

The battery life of Black Diamond Storm is also good. Overall, it’s an incredible value for the money. 

2. EverBrite 2-Pack Headlamp Flashlight

As the name suggests, it’s a pack of two headlamps. EverBrite headlamp is a multipurpose headlamp. You can use it for almost anything.Camping, reading, fishing, hunting, mining, you name it. 

There are a total of 8 LEDs in this headlamp. All of them together have 4 intensity mode. 

Unlike Black Diamond Storm. this one doesn’t have RGB mode. It only fires a bright 240 lumens white light. Each bulb emits 30 lumens of light.

All of the bulbs are guaranteed to have over 100k hours of lifespan. That’s huge.As you are getting two of them in this pack, you can use one while the other one rests. Or you

can take a partner of crime together and use both of the headlamps.You will need 6 AAA batteries to light up one headlamp. That’s a lot of batteries for a 240 lumens setup. But there is a good side to this. You will get incredible battery life.

The strap is adjustable and comfortable for children and adults.In terms of value, this will be higher than Black Diamond. As this comes in a pack of two. 

3. Princeton Tec Remix LED Headlamp

Princeton Tec Remix is one of the smallest LED headlamps to have 300 lumens of light.

While the main LED shines brightly with a single color. There are 3 small LEDs right beside the bigger one. Those can light in red, green, and blue. The single one is Maxbright LED. It gets enough bright to clear up to 80 yards of terrain in front. 

A tiny headlamp with that much power! It’s surprising how powerful smaller techs have become.

You will need 3 AAA alkaline batteries to power this headlamp. Princeton will include 3 inside the package for free.

The camo design on the strap and the plastic housing looks quite good. The best thing about this headlamp is the price. The pricing is just mind-blowing. It’s quite impossible to ignore this value.It’s one of the cheapest and best-hunting headlamps that’s for sure.

4. Energizer High-Powered LED Headlamp Flashlights

Energizer High-Powered LED headlamp comes in 3 different configurations. All 3 of them have 3 different price tags.

In this review I have the Midnight-Black 360 lumens LED headlamp.With the incredibly bright 360 lumens headlamp, you can see up to 85 yards of terrain. This LED light has 7 different lighting modes. The brightness range of this light is quite high too. 

The housing of this headlamp is quite durable. It’s tested to survive a 4feet drop with ease. It is also IPX4 rated. Meaning it can survive 1m of water. Besides hunting, this light is an excellent option for construction workers and miners.

To power this headlamp, you will need 3 AAA batteries. Energizer includes 3 batteries to get you started. The price of this is quite unbeatable. All 3 of them have an incredible price tag. 

Just for the pricing alone, it deserves a spot on any best hunting headlamps list.

5. GearOZ Coon Hunting Lights Headlamp

GearOZ Coon is available in two variants. Both of them are the same LED. One comes as the LED itself with essentials, the other comes pre-built on a camo hat.

The camo hat version costs more than the base kit. Till now this is the most powerful headlamp on the list. With max intensity on, you can see up to 800 yards. That’s insane. Many riflescopes struggle to reach that mark. Here you have a headlamp that reaches the mark, which your riflescope may not even be able to hit.

To make it effective for hunting and fishing, you will find 3 lens accessory. You need to attach it on top of the light. By doing this you will cut the range of the light by a lot. But the colored light will lure in coyotes and fishes. 

The full package is IP68 rated. Making it completely safe to use in the rain. The included battery is 6600mah. With that huge battery, you can use this light at maximum intensity for 15 hours straight.

If you don’t want to use your helmet or hat, I recommend going for the hat variant. 

6. Kohree Dimmable LED Miner Headlamp

Kohree Dimmable is a single LED 350 lumens 8W miner headlamp. Why is there a miner headlamp on the hunting headlamp list?The reason is simple, it’s a multipurpose headlamp with a huge range.

Even though the LED is only 350lumens. It’s more powerful than any of its competitors.If you don’t use the optical filters to change the color of the light, you will get a 500meter of seamless vision with this light.

For the range alone it deserves a spot on the list. Most of the hunting headlamps are made for low-range hunting. While this is straight-up challenging you to go big.

This kit comes with 4 optical filters. Using those you can change the color and the intensity of the light. But keep in mind, it will change the range of the light drastically. 

By any chance, if you receive a broken or defective product, make sure to contact Kohree. They have one of the best after-sales services on the market. They will replace your unit without any hesitation.

7. ODEAR Super Bright Adjustable Rechargeable Headlamp Flashlight

Odear Headlamp is another long-range multipurpose headlamp.It is widely used by miners, construction workers, and hunters. 

You can use it on your head directly, or set it up on a construction helmet. The single LED is capable of showing 500 yards of range.A single LED is giving that big of a range. Seems insane, but it’s the reality.

The battery of this light is rechargeable. It also lasts for a long-time. Odear Headlamp is waterproof. It has an IPX5 rating. This makes the lens dustproof and waterproof.

Useful for all sorts of situations and users. The price of this light is not that high either. Overall, a good value for the money.

8. Kohree Cree LED Coyote Hog Coon Hunting Light

Kohree Cree is the smaller brother of the Dimmable LED headlamp. The range of this LED is 275 yards. It’s quite higher than most other lights on the list. But is lower than the 500m range of Dimmable. 

Using the light at full intensity, you will get a 6h continuous battery life. The beam starts at low, you can turn that up to maximum. At maximum LED you will get 275 yards of range. 

Instead of giving you lenses to change the color of the main beam. There are two smaller LEDs on each side of the main LED. One of them is red and the other is green. Of course, the range of these LEDs is nowhere near the main LED. But they are still good for luring in prey and fishes.

It comes with a cap, you will need to set it up on the cap. It’s quite easy and the guide is included.

The housing is waterproof. You can use it in the rain if you would like to.

The price of this is also lower than Dimmable. Choose whichever you want between them. Both of them are excellent options.

9. PROFORUS Hunting Headlamp

Proforus hunting headlamp is one of the most beautiful hunting headlamps I ever saw. The construction of this lamp is top-notch. The body of the lamp is made of aluminum. Making it shockproof and durable. 

Even with that strong of a build, the weight of this lamp is not that high. 

10.4 ounces of weight is more than acceptable on a headlamp.You will need two AAA batteries to power this bad boy up. Once you do, it will run for over 5 hours straight. 

Proforus hunting headlamp comes with a green light mode for night mode hunting. It also has a white LED mode. I like the green most. When you don’t want any colored beams. just want more vision. You can use the white LED mode without any issue.

The build and the perfect all-around fit is the deal-maker for me. The fit of this is just too good. The light clarity was also good. Not as good as those long-range headlamps. But it’s quite good.The price of this is not that high either. That’s why it’s a good headlamp for the money.

10. Lighthouse Beacon 1000 Headlamp

This is the nature green version of the famous Lighthouse Beacon 1000 headlamp. Beacon 1000 headlamp blue variant is one of the most sold Lighthouse headlamps of all time.

Instead of using the traditional flat lens for the LED, Lighthouse uses curved magnifying lenses to increase the range of the light.

You have the freedom of zooming in the light or let it rip. I love the wide LED mode. In this mode, you will lose a ton of range. But what you will get is a wide field of white LED.

The housing for the LED is made from aero aluminum alloy. It’s durable and scratch-resistant. 

The lamp also has an IP4 waterproof rating.

At low intensity, you can use the light for 28 hours straight. You and I both know, none of us using the lamp for 28 hours straight.

Lighthouse is a German-based manufacturer. We all know how good Germany is with their engineering. Lighthouse took a flashlight, turned it into an excellent headlamp. The zoom inf feature is quite unbeatable. 


The price of this light is not that high either. It’s one of the cheapest on the market. That was the last headlamp on today’s list. I know there was a lot to choose from. I believe if you know why you want one, you can easily get the best hunting headlamp for you. If you want long-range over anything, get the one with the highest range. If you want something cheap, we have those too. 

And that concludes today’s review. I hope you had fun reading this. I tried my best to provide you guys with some of the best headlamps on the market. I appreciate you spending the time with me. Thanks for reading. As always, if you have any questions left, don’t hesitate to ask them down below. Till next time, stay safe. 

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