Top 9 Best Hunting Chair Reviewed in 2021 [Best Hunting Seats]

Best Hunting Chair

When I first found out about them, my reaction was similar to you. I mean, gaming chair exists, office chair exists, why wouldn’t hunting chair exist?

Hunting chairs are a key component for campers. Sometimes you need to spend overnight in a camp.

Besides camping, a hunting chair has many other uses. Today we will discuss those uses and recommend you the best hunting chair. 

Fair warning, it’s going to be a lengthy review. Take your time and read it completely.

1. Browning Camping Strutter Hunting Chair

The first chair on today’s list is from Browning. Browning Strutter is a camping and hunting chair. A two in one. 

A great one at that too. It’s a compact foldable chair. Constructed from durable aluminum, it can carry up to 300lbs of weight.

I know it doesn’t look like it can carry anything beyond 100lbs, trust me, it can and it will.As it’s a compact chair, you can carry it anywhere. Not hunting? Take it with you when you go to the park for a picnic. 

It’s a single person chair. No matter the size, two people can’t sit on this simultaneously. The base of the chair is suitable for any surface. The balance on this chair is insane too. Even if you sit on a bit of tilted ground, you won’t be facing any issue. 

Setting up the chair is also quite easy. Even a child can do that. Ease of access always should have top priority.

To make it easier to carry, Browning includes a carrying bag inside the package. It’s an excellent move from Browning in my opinion. 

For the money, this is an unbeatable hunting chair. You just simply don’t make so quality product for this cheap.

2. Tripod Blind Stool - MAX5

The next chair on our list is a 360-degree rotatable chair. It’s more of a portable stool than a chair. It doesn’t have any hand rest built-in.

As Max5 is not like a traditional chair, there is no foldable mechanism. You need to carry the whole chair with you, like a stool.The weight of this chair is just 12lbs.

You can adjust the height of the stool from 17.5” to 31”. It may seem not that big, but it makes quite the difference while hunting.

The 360-degree rotation is quite nice. It will give you the extra edge while hunting. Rotating in any direction without coming down from the chair.The seat of the chair is quite comfortable. You can sit on top of it for hours without any issue. 

It doesn’t come with any extra bags or storage space, but it does come with a much necessary backrest. The backrest is quite comfortable too. For the money, this is an excellent 360 hunting chair.

3. TIDEWE Hunting Chair with Seat Cover

Tidewe hunting chair is also a swivel chair. But the base is different here.Tidewe is much shorter than Max5. Alongside the chair itself, you can also increase the height of the chair legs. 

The ergonomics of this is quite similar to an office chair. We all know how comfortable an ergonomic chair is to seat on. The seat has no foam padding. I am surprised even without a foam seat like Max5, Tidewe managed to provide a comfortable experience.

As this is a swivel chair, you can rotate the seat 360-degree.One thing that I loved about this chair is the added seat cover. The seat cover has a thin layer of padded coating. It makes seating on the chair even more comfortable. 

You are getting that cover for free. A great deal in my book.As the base is strong and comes with adjustable legs, you can place it at any terrain you want. 

The swiveling has no noise at all. If it were to creak every time you spin, all of the animals near you would run far away. Did I mention that this chair is foldable? That’s right, a foldable swivel chair. How cool is that?

I don’t see how can any chair beat this one at this price point. It offers so many things that others lack. The only complaint about me is the seat. There is no padding. But I understand if it were to provide extra foaming, the weight of the chair would increase, and folding it would be impossible. Overall, it’s one of my favorites.

4. Guide Gear Swivel Hunting Chair

The next chair on the list is also a swivel chair. It looks like we hit the jackpot of swivels. 

You can already tell from the picture, the seat of this will be comfortable. That thick layer of foam is one of the key selling points of this chair. Guide Gear swivel is also foldable. One thing that every hunting chair should have is portability. 

It’s not an indoor ergonomic or gaming chair. You need to take it outside almost every day.

If the chair is not portable, then you can’t take it out then drag it back without any issue.

That’s why foldable chair gets more priority in hunting chair. The criss-cross base is strong enough to not fall flat on the ground. Both the seat and backrest are quite comfortable. The only thing missing is the two-hand rest. 

I know they are not mandatory, but I enjoy them a lot. For the money, this is an excellent hunting chair. 

5. ALPS OutdoorZ Stealth Hunter Blind Chair

ALPS OutdoorZ stealth is a blind swivel chair. The sit and the backrest of this chair are made of breathable mesh.

I think most of you have already tried mesh chairs already. They are the most used chair in the office and other corporate jobs.Alps used TacTesh mesh for this chair. It’s lightweight, breathable, and easy to wash mesh. 

The bottom base of this is made out of aluminum. Even though the pipes are hollow inside, the durability of this chair is not questionable at all. It’s also more expensive than the other chairs we mentioned so far.

Alps OutdoorZ stealth is also a foldable 360-degree chair. If you want to make the stealth more stealthy, then you should get the cover made by the Alps for this chair. 

The seat height is also adjustable. You will get plenty of ground clearance with this chair. It’s not that compact. But the weight of the chair is quite low. Making it easier to carry everywhere.

In my opinion, it’s one of the best hunting chairs on the market and the price tag is 100% justified.

6. Tangkula 360° Swivel Hunting Chair

Tangkula 360° swivel chair is the classiest looking chair so far. The matte black finish with mesh material is beautiful to look at. Even though from an angle this doesn’t look like a swivel chair, it is a swivel chair. You can rotate to any degree as you wish.

The mesh of this chair is made out of fabric. As for the base, it’s made out of high-quality stainless steel. 

The base is strong enough to carry up to 330lbs of weight. The weight of the chair is just below 15lbs. It’s not that heavy to carry around.On top of that, you can fold it in half to carry it more easily.

The mesh seat has a thick layer of foam coating underneath. Making it more comfortable to sit on for a long time.Even though it’s a portable swivel chair, they didn’t forget to include the hand rest. 

If you are looking for an all-black mesh hunting chair, then this is one of the best in that department. Truly remarkable build quality for the price.

7. Hunt Comfort Multi Position Mesh Lite Swivel Hunting Chair

Hunt Comfort Mesh Lite swivel hunting chair is a lot similar to their mesh gel office chair.It took the ergonomics and the rotation from that chair and made it more compact and lightweight. 

You can set up this chair at various positions. Making it an excellent choice for ground hunting. This chair doesn’t look like a swivel chair at all. But it’s still capable of rotating at 360-degree.

The seat and the backrest are constructed from mesh fiber. It’s the same fiber that Hunt Comfort uses in their other chairs. 

Mesh Lite swivel folds into flat, you can carry this around with the built-in straps. If you want to look more professional, you can always opt for the case that Hunt Comfort sells as an accessory.

8. Hawk Big Denali Luxury Blind Chair

As the name suggests, Hawk Big Denali is a luxury blind chair.It’s the most expensive chair on today’s list. Big Denali is also a 360-degree rotatable blind chair. 

This chair is bigger than most other hunting chairs on the market. If you are skinny enough, two people can sit on this at the same time. The width and the length are bigger than a regular hunting chair. 

It’s one of the few hunting chairs that come with a molded armrest. There is a thin layer of foam on top of each armrest too. The used mesh hair is quite thick. That’s why the seat is more comfortable than most other hunting chairs on the market. 

The mesh doesn’t look breathable, but it is. You won’t feel sweaty back while sitting on this for sure. The large duck feet are adjustable and removable. Giving you the option to fold it completely flat. Easy to carry and easy to setup. 

The only thing stopping me from recommending this to everyone in the price. Besides that, it’s one of the if not the best hunting chairs on the market.

9. REDCAMP Folding Tripod Chair

Redcamp folding chair is more of a camping chair than hunting. It’s a small chair that will easily fit inside your hunting tent. The best thing about this chair is, it comes in a pair of two. You are getting two chairs for the price of one.

That’s why it’s an incredible option for campers. You can sit around the bonfire with your partner.The seat and the backrest are made out of mesh fabric. It’s more comfortable than it looks. 

The weight of these chairs is lesser than your luggage that’s for sure.This chair is the most compact hunting chair on today’s list. This is also the most minimalist chair here.

Redcamp sells a foldable table alongside this chair. If you are a hardcore camper, it makes more sense in investing in both of these together.


That was the last hunting chair on today’s list. That was a lot of chairs, wasn’t it?All of them are comfortable and good for hunting. If you want a more traditional camping chair, that is available too.

Most importantly, there are tons of other hunting chairs available on the market.These were the best hunting chairs in my opinion. You are more than welcome to counter my opinion. The comment section is always open. 

With that said, I have to finish this review here. I hope you found this useful. As always, thanks for spending your time with me. 

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