Top 7 Best Elk Hunting Boots Reviewed in 2021 By Expert

Best Elk Hunting Boots

Finding the perfect pair of boots play a huge role in the hunting experience. A good pair of hunting boots will sit comfortably and aid you in long hunting sessions. If the boot is not comfortable you can’t walk for a long period.

Hunting is a waiting game. Sometimes you go for miles without noticing a single prey. If your feet start hurting from the uncomfortable sole, you have to call it quits and head home. We don’t want that to happen. That’s why we bring you the best elk hunting boots Guide. 

Top 7 Best Elk Hunting Boots List & Expert Reviews

1. Irish Setter 882 Elk Tracker Hunting Boot

Irish Setter 882 Elk Hunting boot is one of the finest pairs of hunting boots that I have ever come across. The work on this pair of boot is just mesmerizing. 

From finish to lace mount, everything about this boot is beauty. The boot length is 12″ and made for men. You will find two variants of the same size. Narrow and wide. Depending on your preference you need to choose one. 

The show features a removable Comfort Cork EVA footbed. The footbed is made of memory foam. If you don’t like the texture or the footbed is not your thing, then you have the option to manually remove it. Don’t worry it won’t damage the boot in any way.

The boot also includes ultra-lightweight 600 gram Thinsulate insulation. The pair of boot is completely waterproof.

Irish Setter uses Gore-Tex technology to make their boots waterproof. The boot also features ScentBan technology to remove any odor from the boot. 

This pair of boot is definitely on my top 3 list. Depending on the size of your feet, the price will vary. The base model is not expensive at all.

2. Rocky Bearclaw 3D LTT Hunting Boot

Pair of boot is crafted from premium-grade leather. The dark brown look to the boot gives it a predator type look. The leather quality plays a big role in comfort and breathability.I am glad that Bearclaw 3D LTT was comfortable enough to go for a full day of hunting. 

The leather quality is quite high and durable. There weren’t any scratches on the surface of the leather at all. 

The Bearclaw 3D LTT also features the legendary Gore-Tex technology. Gore-Tex is a revolutionary name when it comes to waterproofing. Thanks to them, we can get quality boots with waterproofing at a good price. 

The boot features 3m Thinsulate insulation to keep your feet warm. It’s not rated to hold against super cold weather, it can hold against cold water and the rainy day just fine. 

The Bearclaw features the famous polyurethane cushioned air-port footbed. 

The sole is made out of rubber, it provides plenty of friction. Don’t worry about that.

Available for all sizes, at an affordable price. The Bearclaw is ready to help you put your claw in some bears.

3. Kenetrek Mountain Extreme 400 Hunting Boot

Kenetrek mountain extreme 400 hunting boot is made out of one piece vamp of 2.8 mm top grain leather. 

2.8mm leather is quite thick. Thickness is good for cold weather. As the boot is completely waterproof, the extra thickness of the boot will help from water temperature.

Top grain leather always delivers good quality. This pair of boots is also the most expensive pair of boots on our list. You can call this pair the flagship of elk hunting boots. 

The midsole of the boot is made of nylon. The midsole’s primary task is to handle your weight. Have to admit, it does that quite well. 

The boot has 400 grams of super lightweight Thinsulate insulation. 

The boot features wind-tex waterproof material. It’s quite good and easily comparable with Gore-Tex. 

It prevents from rainwater going inside and it also helps to keep your feet windproof.

The K-talon outer soles are made for durability. They are versatile and can handle any terrain you throw at them.

Overall, the boot justifies its pricing. It’s a flagship and you have considered the total value.  

4. Irish Setter 860 Elk Tracker Hunting Boot

Another great pair of Elk hunting boots from Irish Setter. These are basically the cheaper version of 882 Elk.

The boot features 3m’s 1000G Thinsulate insulation. We have talked about 1000g insulation in our best hunting boots review. 1000G is kind of unique from 3M. Not a lot of boot has it. 

The sole is not rubber, it’s synthetic. The boot features Gore-Tex material to make it 100% waterproof. The thin layer of insulation is going to keep your feet warm for days.

Don’t worry, you won’t create any bad odors. Because the boot has Irish Setter’s own ScentBan technology. In the process, the boot also eliminates any potential harmful leather. 

The leather quality is quite nice and firm. You won’t see any scratches or stitches coming off anytime soon. 

The price is quite good. I can easily recommend this to any type of hunters.

5. Danner Pronghorn Gore-Tex Hunting Boot

Danner has been making shoes for hunters for quite a long time now. They were founded in 1932. 

The Danner Pronghorn hunting boot was made for all-weather uses. it can withstand the cold from snow and you can comfortably wear it in hot weather too. 

The height of this boot is only 8″. Don’t take the shoes in too deep water. 

The boot also features Realtree Xtra camo. A camo that I adore very much. 

For waterproofing, Danner uses Gore-Tex material in their Pronghorn hunting boots.

To cut some cost but not cutting any comfort, Danner uses an Ortholite footbed. Ortholite-footbed is the cheapest footbed solution that is not utter garbage. They were comfortable enough even in snow. 

TERRA FORCE Technology uses stitch down and cement to construct the boot. It results in a stable and more durable pair of boots. 

This boot has our seal of approval that’s for sure. It’s budget-friendly too. Any beginner would love to have them as their new hunting companion.

6. Lowa Tibet GTX Trekking Boot

Lowa Tibet GTX is a low profile elk hunting boot. It looks fashionable. It’s also quite lightweight. You can even use them as your daily driver if you want.

The synthetic sole provides an extreme level of comfort and support on any kind of terrain. Even though I personally prefer rubber sole over synthetic, gotta handle it to Lowa for giving such a good experience. 

The show has a mechanic called I-Lock lacing cam. It allows you to tie in the lace at different tension around the ankle and foot. 

Like most other boots on our best elk hunting boot list, Tibet GTX uses Gore-Tex material to provide the best possible waterproofing. 

Comfort is the main selling point of the Lowest Tibet. It’s one of the most comfortable hunting boots that you will find in the market. Like I said earlier, you can wear it practically anywhere. 

The sleek low-profile look just seals the deal for me.

As the shoes are low-profile, avoid deep water, and swimming with them. Rain and shallow water are fine. 

For the price, this is an excellent pair of elk hunting boots that you can use as normal shoes. Yes, it got our seal of approval. 

7. Lacrosse Quick Shot 8 Realtree Xt Boot

Lacrosse Quickshot 8 is the cheapest elk hunting boot on today’s list. By no means it’s the worst. As a matter of fact, this is probably the best choice for the folks that are on a tight budget. 

Coming at just a little over $100, the Quickshot 8 did an excellent job at its pricing. 

The boot is made of 100% leather and nylon composite. It’s also imported material. 

The sole of the boot is made out of rubber. The rubber sole is good for traction and longevity. You probably know by now, I love and prefer rubber sole on my hunting boot over synthetic ones. 

The lace mounting holes had a firm ring around them. I don’t see them coming off anytime soon. 

The boot also includes an EVA footbed for extra comfort. EVA makes some of the best midsoles on the market. Glad they decided to use EVA.

The traction is excellent, waterproofing is good, the price is excellent, the Realtree Xtra camo is excellent.

The shoe is quite stiff at the beginning and takes a bit of time to break-in. That’s the only con that I found in the boot. For a budget elk hunting boots, I must admit they managed to blow my socks off. 


That wraps up our best elk hunting boots. It was a short one, but quite an informative one. Hope you guys are doing well in these tough times. If you want to ask anything or want any suggestions, make sure to drop them down the comments. 

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