Best 7 Tips to Keep Your Trail Cameras Running Longer


Usually, trail cameras are used in areas where the owner cannot be there to take care of them. So the owner has to take some initiatives to make it run longer. Otherwise, they cannot use it for a long time. So, here are 7 tips you can follow to keep your trail cameras running longer.

Pick the right camera:

Each Trail camera has its own feature. At first, you need to determine what you need. From the thousands of options available in the market today, you have to pick the right camera. You can have trail cameras for different purposes. Some are specialized in time-lapse videos, some are good at catching the wild deer footage at night. Decide what do you want your camera to serve you, then choose the right one. The right camera for the right purpose stays longer.

Follow the user manual:

User manuals are made for the better use of anything. But most people don’t even go through it. You should follow what the manufacturer has advised about the use of the trail camera. You may think that all the camera works in a similar fashion. But every camera has its unique functions. Manufacturing companies know better how to make the best use of the camera. Follow those instructions carefully. Your camera will last long.

Choose the right batteries:

Your camera’s detection range, trigger speed, and battery life all depend on the quality of battery you use on your camera. There are numerous options in the market. You can have a lithium battery, Alkaline battery. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Usually, lithium batteries generate more power than alkaline batteries.

7 Tips to Keep Your Trail Cameras Running Longer

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Update camera firmware:

Update your camera firmware on time. Most people don’t pay heed to this. To get the best performance from your camera you must update the camera firmware regularly. Just like the other software run devices camera also needs up-gradation from time to time. Companies bring free firmware upgrade offers. Grab that to keep your camera running longer.

Never forget the maintenance:

Any electronic device requires proper maintenance. Otherwise, they don’t last long. So keep up the maintenance. Keep the lens clean. You can use a microfiber rag to clean the camera lens. Keep the camera dust-free. Electronic devices get damaged by dust mostly. To have a maximum working life from your camera you have to keep it under regular maintenance.

Use camera bags:

Your hunting success depends on the performance of your trail camera. To keep your camera running for a long time you have to keep the camera in a separate carrying case. If you keep your camera on a hiking backpack it will bang with other things. Very few people notice the damage that occurs to the camera while carrying it with other things. The exterior of the camera gets scratches and gets damaged in a short time.

Format SD card:

SD card speed is a vital part of trail camera performance. Moreover, the SD card plays an important role in preserving storage, reducing storage error, etc. The user manual recommends formatting the SD card before using it each time. It can save you from future headaches.

Final Verdict:

This is the end of the 7 important tips to keep your trail cameras running longer. Keeping some extra fresh batteries, adjusting the PIR sensor and regular testing can help trail cameras perform better. One thing you cannot ignore is, prevention is better than cure. If you take good care of your trail camera it will pay you back

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